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The Person

Binod Neupane was born in Chainpur, Nepal over 60 years ago. He lived in Shankhuwasabha, Chainpur for the first 16 years of his life before moving to Kathmandu as a young adult and starting a new chapter. It was there where Binod and his wife, Sharmila, founded a private school named “Vidhya Sadan High School” and dedicated 15 years of their lives towards providing quality education.

As well as being the founder/principal of the school, Binod also chaired the National Private and Boarding School Associate Nepal (NPABSAN) for Kathmandu region. Furthermore, he also served as the national coordinator of Nepal for UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet). Despite several commitments, including his own two children, Binod continued to write in every spare moment. In fact, it was his love for his two girls, Shikha and Srija, that inspired him to get involved in children literature – a field that he continued to focus on over the next few decades.

 His popular works are “Baini Bal Geeti Katha (B.S. 2060)”, “Aama Chainpur Khanda-Kabhya (B.S. 2062)”, Ma Buddha Bhayera Janmana Chahanchuu B.S. 2077”, “Yeti Ko Kakh ma (Part-1,2 and 3), “Khosiyeko Balyakal B.S.2077”, “Lokharke Ko Bihe children story collection”. Many of his creations reflect who Binod is and the humble background he comes from, including his never-dying love for his motherland, Chainpur. Binod has also written and distributed several books/ reading materials including Kids writing, School level General Knowledge books, Educator guide and reference books.

Currently, Binod resides in London, UK with his family. True to his commitment to contributing to education, he had worked in a secondary school in London for 15 years. Since moving to the UK, he has also been serving as a founder/CEO of “Save the School Foundation”, which was established back in 2008 with an aim to continue his effort to help underprivileged children living in a rural part of the world access quality education and has a bold vision “Quality Education for a better world”.

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Life History

Working Field


Education ( 2007 to 2021)

Worked as an Science faculty  member at Thomas Tallis School London, UK.


Founder / Principal (1995 - 2006)

Vidya Sadan High School, Chawhil, Kathmandu, Nepal

Literary service



  • Children’s News Weekly Magazine

  • Jigyasha Monthly Magazine
  • Nani Bal Patrika (Children’s Magazine) 

Published Work


Published Books

  • Baini Bal Geeti Katha B.S. 2060

  • Yeti ko kakh ma, Part-1 Children Literature

  • Lokharke ko Bihe, Bal Katha Sangrah B.S. 2062

  • Aama Chainpur, Khanda Kabya B.S. 2062

  • Yeti Ko Kakh ma, Part-2 Children Literature

  • Yeti Ko Kakh ma, Part-3 Children Literature

  • Khosiyeko Balyakal, Children Literature B.S. 2077

  • Ma Buddha Bhayera Janmana Chahanchhu, Kabita Sangrah 2077

  • Hand Book of General Knowledge

  • Writing and editing textbooks and reference materials for teachers and students

  • Published articles, stories, poems, essays in various journals

Social Engagement


Founder and CEO (2008 to date )

Save The Schools, London Uk “


My Books

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chainpur aama
yeti 1 1
yeti 2
Yeti 3
lokharke ko Katha